Review//Marley's World

Story time is fast becoming in our house a very important part of the day, A is at the age now where his bedtime needs something else.. A chose to have a bedtime story, and he picks out his story each night, he chooses which of us he wants to read him the story..

Today he picked out a new story..

Marley's world -Asia.
by Gemma Byers.

Part of a set of 7, Marley travels many different places meeting many different animals & creatures..

Today we're in Asia!

We love the illustrations, they're clear, beautifully coloured, and the text has 2 really great parts to it, some information about each animal & then the conversation Marley has with each animal, each with their own name too!.

read on all about the adventure Dean, A & I had at story-time!

A loved the pictures, commenting on what animal was what, (he's got a terrific memory!) 

A followed the story very well, he joined in with Dean, and he tried very hard to say "Siberian Tiger" he also gave him a nickname "Rah Rah" :)

A sat through the entire story, with none of the occasional fidgeting all children sometimes have during story-time..

A asked for us to read it to him a second time, so we did, it was a brilliantly written story that has really left all of us wanting to find out more about Marley's World.

We're going to complete the set and read more of Marley's adventures for story time's to come!

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Zombiiemummy was sent Marley's World Asia book in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own :)