Review// Muddy Puddles

We've all been in that scenario, your almost out the door, with everything in your hands, your barely able to shut your own front door, & unavoidably you drops things on ground.

These days us parents are carrying around supplies to last us all day, nappies,clothes,snacks,water bottle... & boy does it take up a lot of room!, but the one thing that takes up a lot of the room is the weather proof coat!, they're big,bulky & for a toddler seems unnecessary!

A opened a very exciting package, we're very excited to show you

Muddy Puddles. 

Today we're reviewing their Puddle Pac-a-Mac (RRP: £20.00)

I love the design behind their Pac-a-Macs, a mac that folds down small enough to fit into a bag or in the car?, but are they still functional? & are they fit for purpose? find out when A & I put Muddy Puddles Puddle Pac-a-Mac to the test!

First Impressions..

I really like the variety of colour/design choices, A chose the umbrella design, he has impeccable taste because I also really like this colour combination!
It feels totally lightweight, & therefore breathable, so A wont get over heated whilst wearing his Mac.

The hood, an often over looked & important part of any waterproof mac, has some slight gathering to it, which finally will mean, with the typical British weather with gusts of wind with almost every rainy day we have, that A's hair will stay lovely and dry.

The fabric feels of great quality & all stitching looks excellent.
The zip feels and when initially tested a few times, great quality, not flimsy or cheap, I also love the feature at the top, which hides the zip away when zipped up, meaning hair or skin doesn't accidentally get caught, & believe me when I say It happens!

I love that the Mac has it's own pockets, all children love putting things in their pockets!, stones,sticks..and sometimes bugs! 

but one pocket has a secret!... we'll get to that in a bit.

The Fit...

We chose size 3-4 years for A it fits nicely with room to wear a jumper,cardigan etc, which is ideal for an all weather scenario.
the sleeves give some nice room, without swamping A in fabric (A is 2 years old) and can be turned up easily if  little ones arms are that bit shorter.
the hood fits lovely, isn't tight, which I do sometimes find with gathered hoods, A can even put it up himself!

The mac zips up with absolute ease, no snagging, just zip up and go!- perfect for children!

The hood sits nicely on the mac and doesn't drag A down, when in use, the hood sits nicely over the ears, providing protection from the wind & rain, as well as not getting near eyes!

Luckily for us it was a damp sort of day, perfect weather for a Pac-a-mac.
The sleeves come to just over his wrists, which what I like to call growing room, which means it'll be used for longer than just a season!

A could do everything a 2 year old can usually do with his mac on, which consists of running,jumping,sliding,pushing himself along in a car, laying on the ground playing with the spiders and so on..
A felt very comfortable in his mac, and didn't have any problems with his usual outdoor fun!

Cleaning the mac is very simple, machine wash at 30°C (making sure you never wash it in washing up liquid or use fabric softener) & leave to dry naturally and that's it! simple :) 

How does it fold so small?.

remember at the beginning when I said it folds small enough to fit in your bag? well it really does!

One of the pockets has a secret!, the mac folds into the pocket!, with it's own Carabiner clip too!

Simply fold the mac into the pocket like so.. and voila!

I absolutely love the Muddy Puddles Pac-a-Mac! it can be popped into my bag,car,clipped onto our pushchair etc,, without skimping on the functionality,quality,fit, comfort & the price!

It's a permanent feature clipped to my bag, on the inside of my bag or hanging around our car, we never leave home without it.

We are taking it with us on our holiday very soon! it's a Mac that you can use in any weather, a little chilly? pop it on, rainy & especially helping daddy wash the car!

To check out Muddy Puddles for your little ones go to
for their full range!

We give Muddy Puddles puddle Pac-a-Mac an excellent 5 out of 5!
(5 being excellent,1 being poor..)

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Zombiiemummy was sent Muddy Puddles Puddle Pac-a-Mac in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are own own :)