Recipe// Sausage Pastry

I love creating cheap yummy dinners for us, sometimes it's great to just try new things & enjoy yourself in the kitchen, my meals aren't Michelin star worthy or particularly beautiful to look at but always tastes great & always with fussy appetites in mind.

You will need:.

Sausages (pan cooked)
cherry tomato's
olive oil 
Pastry sheet

1. place your pastry sheet on a non stick baking tray 
2. chop tomato's and place sausages on top & sprinkle garlic.
3. bake in over until pastry has risen and is golden in colour.

The great thing about this idea is you can completely make it your own, It can be vegetarian friendly or you can create a layer of tomato sauce underneath or even sprinkle cheese on top.

what would you put on yours?