Recipe// Mint Mashed potato

I'm not in any way a Gardener, I'm slowly learning to keep flowers and shrubs alive, but I'm hopeless with growing vegetables and that sort of thing.

My mum actually encouraged me to plant a mint plant in my garden, my ever growing attempt to smarten up our garden & trying to figure out why some people are obsessed with growing in their garden..

So growing this plant has encouraged me also to re-think some of my usual budget yummy recipes, & this had the boys eating every bit on their plates!

Mint Mashed Potato

You will need:.
x2 Large potato's
fresh mint (washed)

This picture was taken before I washed the leaves..

1. After I prepared the potato's, & boiled them I set about preparing the minty mixture.
2. chop finely (it doesn't have to be even or perfect- who has time for that?!) and place in a bowl,
pour x3 lid full of vinegar into the bowl, adding a little glug of water (approx 1tbsp & 1tsp worth) and mix.
3. after mashing the potato & adding a knob of butter add the mint mixture & combine.

4. and then serve...

Enjoy! :)