Packing A's Holiday bags

Packing A's clothes to go on holiday is honestly one of my favourite things to do so I thought i'd share with you what and how I pack his things.

Depending on how long we go away I tend to pack a little over what he needs, in case of accidents and so on..but if need be I will do some laundry too.

inside the bear drawstring bag is Socks & inside the red drawstring is swimming pull ups

I've also packed long sleeve tops as well as short sleeved, A has fair skin so sometimes in certain parts of the day I like him wearing a long sleeve, that little bit more protection helps put our minds at ease!

I've also packed 2 jumpers & a cardigan & also a light Jacket! A has trousers/leggings & his shorts too. I like to be covered for all weathers so I've packed his Pac-a-Mac by Muddy Puddles & his swimming costume too.

Not forgetting his Pijamas either!

I roll A's clothes so I can get 2 layers of clothes in rather than half of what he needs in one case, It saves us time & space in our car too!

I also packed him his hood towel, plenty of sun-cream (of course) sun hats, toiletries & plenty of his re-usable wipes!

How do you pack your little one(s) clothes for holidays?