Our holiday Caravan Tour

I thought I'd post photos of our caravan, we got upgraded too! we got an extra twin room & a toilet free! If I'd have known I would have smuggled my friend and her daughter along too haha!

As you walk in this is your view to the left, the kitchen area into the dining corner area and then living area.

The table looked lovely all set out.

directly in front of you is the bathroom.

down the short hallway is the first twin room.

to the right is this small toilet with basin.

The double room.

The second Twin room.

As A is still classed as an "infant" we are in a little area of caravans with others who have little ones like A & babies, It's lovely and quiet here & he gets a great night sleep like he would at home.

I've cooked in the caravan a number of times already & It's such a lovely space.

The weather is also being good to us.