Mini Holiday Haul

In anticipation for our holiday of this year I brought a few things to prepare.

We tend to book our holiday before the summer holidays start properly, we generally go mid-late June, we save a little amount in doing so, & it works for us because A is still so young so we're not tied down by nurseries or schools.

We've always had glorious weather and feel quite lucky, we stick to English holidays at the moment because of A's age & feel there would be little point at the moment.

So what did we buy?

Firstly I brought this gorgeous bag from Violet & Percy, I'd been eyeing it up for ages & decided a holiday was a great excuse to buy & get plenty of use from it!.

Second are these Bobble Filter water bottles, we love the colours & getting a purer drink when we're adventuring! we prefer to take our own drinks because A ends up sharing ours & we know what's inside them!.
We brought them in our local health food shop!

Thirdly is this gorgeous Swimsuit, I dislike two piece suits & I think this is a gorgeous design & very flattering, I brought this from Debenhams, I desperately needed a swimsuit & with all the swimming we'll be doing this year it's much needed.

Lastly....If your on my Instagram you'll possibly have already seen this, my new makeup bag, the zip on my old one broke & makeup has fallen out & still missing a few bits actually!, so no more! I intend to keep this looking nice! 
I brought this on Etsy from okapiillustration.

That's it for the Holiday haul, not many new pieces, because we've got a lot of it already!.