Holiday for A

Dean and I both agree that for us personally the first few years your 'holiday' is really for your little one(s) your taking life at a more snail pace, doing things they fancy doing, and not necessarily what you want to do..

We're having a lovely time in Cornwall & wanted to share just a few snaps of what we've been doing so far..

We stumbled upon a mobile musical instrument teaching classroom, A adored this Timpani, you could play all sorts of instruments & listen to the sounds they made through the headphones, & also have your own private video lesson. A just fancied playing though. hehe.

The boys on Havens trademark giant deck chair.

We went to the Seal sanctuary & had a blast!

An artist created these works using items she found washed up or discarded on the beaches, we love recycled art!

And A loved watching the penguins!

We're still enjoying all the fun that is to be had at Cornwall!