Gecko Clothing Kickstarter

Shopping for children, You cant just pick up something that is suitable for a child, instead your faced with a girls section & a boys section, and I find myself more disheartened, children should have the freedom to wear an outfit of their choosing, that's fun, colourful, Eco-friendly & actually fits Cloth bums ( for those little ones who are )

Introducing......   Gecko Clothing. 

Gecko have designed unisex Dungaree's, trousers & t-shirts for children not a gender, & we at Zombiiemummy love the designs, we especially love the space design, which one is your favourite?

Gecko are working with a GOTS certified & fair trade registered factory in India, together with their growing inspiring designs, science is universal & Space The ultimate adventure, are aimed at growing the imaginations of your Child(ren) whilst being comfortable,easy to wear & bright & colourful.

You may have noticed The kickstarter logo, that's because Gecko needs our help! to create these awesome Dungaree's, trousers,tee's, (for Adults & children),pin badges,tattoos,Recycled notebooks & more!  they need us all to help back their fantastic project!, I can see A & many other children running around having fun in Gecko clothing but that can't be done without our help! together we can help make Gecko Clothing's range a reality.

If Gecko doesn't meet their goal, all backers pledges so far won't get to Gecko, We can't let that happen!

Any money you can pledge will help Gecko get one step closer! but we have to hurry, because It will close 24th June (2015)