A brilliant experience

The weekend was our first few days back home from all the craziness of holiday & visiting my parents & it was just as busy..

I purchased a gorgeous piece of old furniture from a lovely lovely lady & we drove...or rather Dean drove us to pick it up.

My new piece of furniture.

Then Sunday, I went to a workshop, to learn Lino Printing, it's one of those things I didn't get to do at school or college (I went down a different route at college) So now as an adult it was so wonderful to finally do something I've wanted to do, & I know my nan must be proud of me, it's something she would've love to have done too.

I drew a Dandelion clock, it has a specific meaning to Dean & I, so I thought what better design than to do that! 

The experience has left me wanting more!, & wanting to start out doing some at home! (which I am going to do)

Sometimes you have to take time out do something for you, & I did that & pleased I didn't fail at it either! 

What new hobby/activity would you like to try?