Where have we been?!

We haven't posted anything since Tuesday, & I apologise for that,but we're back now!

Today's post is going to be a bit of a blog type post, about what we've been doing the past few days.

having a coffee afternoon with a friend, our respective partners had our kiddies and we had a natter and & peek around the shops, a new discount type shop has opened in our local town.. "great" I thought "that's all the town needs is yet more discount shops full of crap" but actually for a change I was wrong! it's nothing like the typical Poundland or The range (which by the way are great in there own right!)  
Inside I found this wooden Marble run!, I always liked them as a child & although A doesn't really need any more toys, I decided to ignore my own voice in my head complaining at yet more crap I was bringing into the house for him, it came with 64 pieces & x4 marbles & Is actually good fun!, it's only been 2 days and already A has lost 2 marbles, but that's my own fault.. It should have been confined to the dining table. but like all things left around children, nothing stays looking nice for long, and a complete set is one of those things...still not bad for £7.29

We also got out in the garden too, I filled his water tray with water & some bubble bath mixture & let him have fun in the sunshine, his new slide is also a big success!, It even has a hose attachment so it can turn into a water slide!

My hallway is a generous size, & i'm sure those who have been inside our home will agree. 
we have this shelving in our hallway & I do love it, Its old & untreated wood too, but it really accumulates rubbish & clutter! so I decided one free afternoon whilst A was busy enjoying his trains & cars that I'd sort it out!

I'm quite please with it actually, It's tidy & clutter free, the big jar Is a craft project I've yet to finish, but it will get done soon.  It's a lot more inviting than the clutter that people faced before!

And today I sorted through his play food for his kitchen, I've switched containers for his play food, because he's not getting proper use from it, so the stripy material box is now home to his growing collection of cars, & a much better alternative for both I think!

The weekend is busy for us again, but for good reason I suppose! 
As you know we don't blog on weekends so we'll be back as always on Monday!

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