Review// Professor Scrubbington's Emporium of clean.

We're very excited to show you all a brand new range of Natural Personal Care products that are aimed at Primary school children.

Professor Scrubbingtons's Emporium of clean.

The professor Scrubbington's range is the brainchild of two rather clever mum's.

x1 Magically foaming Hair & body 150ml
x1 Magically foaming Conditioner 150ml
x1 Magically foaming Shampoo 150ml
x1 Magically foaming Hand & face 200ml
x1 Magically natural Roll-on. 50ml

We love the packaging, the logo was a bit hit with A, we love the caps, & how they open also, a quick little pull and they're open.

The roll on is a normal twisty cap, but again easy to open for the little ones, & the pump is super easy enough to pump out some wonderful foam!

They're all natural, with 98% of it being so, with no parabens,colourants or SLS.
Odour neutralising, with a wonderful gender neutral fragrance.
contains Aloe vera, which is naturally gentle & moisturising for all skin types.
Not just great for the little ones, but great for the planet too!

Scrubbington's core value is to empower children & are in partnership with KIDSCOMPANY a charity which supports vulnerable inner-city children, a wonderful charity in our opinion & always wonderful when products aimed at children are also helping children in other ways too! 

Firstly we tried out the shampoo & conditioner on the first bathtime. 

With the foaming action of the shampoo & also the conditioner, a little is all you need, we only needed a pea sized amount for A's hair, It not only foamed up nicely it also smelt wonderful, a very gender neutral scent, others tend to smell a little feminine & I can see the Professor's products being particularly popular with school age children!

It made A's hair particularly soft, easy to manage (I still have to chase him to comb his hair!) & left his hair with a beautiful shine to it, something I've never had with any other product I've used for him. 

Dean also decided to try them out (I think he was feeling left out!) & said his hair felt so soft and bouncy. can't argue with that I guess!

Next we used the Hand & face foam, firstly as a hand foam

Ideal for using in our downstairs toilet, for hand washing for mealtimes, & after outside play etc.. it sits on the side of the basin & with a little help from me (only because he's still not tall enough to reach even with a step) 

Again you don't need lots for it to get your hands clean & smelling fresh, with a fresh gentle scent to it, it really leaves your hands clean & feeling soft.

Next using the Hand & Face foam as a face wash, we add a little to his face cloth and gently clean his face (and rinse) afterwards it leaves A's face feeling just as clean & soft as it would be on his hands.
& of course super fun to play with!

We love the Roll-on & If A were of school age we're positive he would love using this and "copying dad" 
With my many years experience with primary aged children, I know this is something they'd like to try, It's gentle fragrance means even the fussiest boy or girl will be excited to use.
We love the size & think it's an ideal size for P.E bags!

It still didn't stop A from having a go though!

Lastly we tried the Hair & Body foaming wash, we used the same amount as with the shampoo & conditioner, it left A's hair with a lovely little shine, his hair for once was a dream to comb (As it was with the shampoo & conditioner) 

All rinse out well & I don't feel like I have to re-rinse because it's still soapy.

We love Professor Scrubbington's Emporium of clean products, & think they're ideal sizes to take with you, when away from the home.
Sometimes we travel a little & they fit wonderfully inside A's wash bag.

You can find Professor Scrubbington's products on his website,& in leading stores later this year.
If you enter the code BM20 you'll get a whole 5th off your purchase isn't that fab!

You can also find the Professor at these social media links:

Facebook: Professor Scrubbington
Twitter: @Profscrub

Zombiiemummy was sent Professor Scrubbington products in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own. :)