Review// LiveSmart & Giveaway.

A lot of parents will agree that having children, means a lot of exercise, cleaning up after them, school runs,nursery runs,work and so on.. my sofa doesn't get much use because of being constantly on the go!, but how do we know if we're truly healthy? healthy on the inside?



A Doctor lead MOT for you, an easy 3 step process that you can keep track of, on your own online dashboard!

But how does it work? and is it as easy as they make out? find out..

A letterbox sized pack came through my door, and already says convenience, you don't need to "wait in" for your kit to arrive!

Inside was all I needed to collect the two samples. It looks daunting at first but the easy to follow instructions, with clear pictures really put my mind at ease.

The Lancets (prick your finger) which of course is uncomfortable, but didn't bother me much
the swabs to clean area first (after washing hands of course) 
the labels & the envelope to send the samples back to.

The sample containers you need to collect your samples in, I was worried at first at how big they seemed, but actually once I used the lancet I had collected enough needed. 

Once I collected samples I popped them back in their box/container with the label attached to each bottle.

Following all guidance & instructions, I collected the sample first thing in the morning, before I ate or drank my inevitable morning tea.. ( I also did all of this when A was still asleep) 

I then posted it the same day, It advises you to post as soon as possible.

& then you wait for an email & to read your results on your own dashboard!

I'm actively trying to lose a little weight so to find out more about my body & of course improve my health where necessary is a great thing indeed!

I really liked the simplicity of the process, the abundant information available to you & that you just take your samples,send off and leave the rest up to their Doctor. I love the dashboard part, everything you need in one place & you don't have to wait ages and ages for your results.

If you want to start your own health check please go to LiveSmart Health Check

LiveSmart Health Check Giveaway

Notes and FAQ’s about LiveSmart

1.     We are not a replacement for the NHS but an additional service. We believe in increasing awareness and preventing illness which should reduce the future burden on the NHS and we also direct customers to the NHS where needed.

2.     We don’t diagnose conditions, if we do see something in someone’s blood work that needs further recommendation then we recommend that our customers see their own doctor

3.     We are a proactive health platform; this means that we are there to help people understand how healthy they are today. We believe that measurement of your health is the first step in improving it. After all you wouldn’t try an loose weight without using a scale!

Zombiiemummy was sent a LiveSmart Health Check in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own :)