Liebster Award & a little about me :)

I was nominated for a Liebster award by the lovely Sophie Ella & me a lovely blog. Thank you lovely!

1. Why did you decided to start Blogging?.
I started blogging, because I had moved counties, I knew absolutely nobody, I was also fed up of reading & watching how fairytale like parenting was/is when sometimes the reality is quite different! 
I wanted to put down my own thoughts of how motherhood is, how I faired children's products are truly like.
I also have an immense love for writing since childhood, & wanted to finally indulge in that love.

2. How did you choose your blog name?.
I chose my blog name almost straight away, It was an overall combination of the first 5 months of parenthood, how I personally felt, a zombie! I've had a few comments over the course of the birth of the blog, how much they like the name. :)

3. How do you decide what to blog about?.
I purely blog on what I think if I was going to be a brand new parent, would like to read about, daily life,reviews on products I would 100% use myself for my child(ren) I like to think I do okay at it :)

4.What are your hobbies?.
I love cross stitch,embroidery,sewing ( I hand sewed a quilt for my son last year), I love writing, mainly poetry sometimes songs & Letters & art, I love art.

5. What is your favourite drink?.
I don't really drink alcohol, if we're talking alcoholic drink it would be a cocktail, non alcoholic without a doubt a good old cup of tea! ( very boring I know haha)

6. What is your biggest regret?.

I try not to think about any regrets, but if I could name one It would be,wasting my time of those that wouldn't shape my future as it is now.

7.Do you plan on having more children?.
Yes. to put it bluntly, We'd like just 1 more :) easier said than done though (currently 8 months TTC!)

8. What would be your dream job?.
My dream job would be doing what I do now more seriously, & occasionally writing pieces for magazines, that's my ultimate dream though..

9. What's the best & worst thing about motherhood?.

Being completely honest with this question...

The best part is having this tiny little human from day 1 to look after, to hold, to teach, to laugh with, to hear being called "mummy" everyday, to be ran towards with your arms outstretched & scooping them in your arms, like a lioness with her cub, to watch their wide eyes on Christmas morning as they've learnt "Santa's been!"

The worst part is having the consistent thoughts in your mind that one day, they wont want to hold your hand, to be taught, to be snuggled up with, instead teaching yourself that you'll have to let them go into the big wide world, knowing all that you know about the world, & forever cursed almost to be worried about them for the rest of your life..

10. Would you rather watch TV or read a book?.

I'd much rather read a good book!

11. Describe your perfect Friday night.

Curled up on the sofa, with a big bar of chocolate, a book in my hand and sat beside my husband, who'll be playing a video game, then later in bed watching some of our favourite video gamers on youtube. perfection in my opinion he-he

Since I have so many blogs I regularly read & love I nominate all those lovelies (you know who you are!) to join in the love! simply tell your followers who nominated you (which is me :).)