Homewear review// Studio NL

If I could wear a badge all the time saying that I'm a full 100% supporter of independent businesses I would..in fact I should get on & make one!

Today I want to show you a business, I've discovered & adore! I indulged a little & like a slither of chocolate cake, it's left me wanting more!

I want to show you what I purchased & that you should check out this lovely online shop for yourself!

A gets regular post, & now always asks me if there's any for him, today, for a change it was for me! *happy dance*

x2 Serax stacking coffee cup-grey
x2 Serax Lovatt beaker-grey
x1 Graphic Hexagon notepad

Also equipped with a studio, NL hosts some fab workshops! & once I eventually have some time on my hands I plan to have a go myself!

I received my goodies today & I'm not ashamed to say I'm going to purchase more & more after some upcoming trips away are over with!

Check out Studio NL for yourself here!