Homewear review// The Flower Studio

From the moment The flower Studio Bouquet box arrived, It tells you just how much time,effort & quality has gone into it, & I hadn't even opened the box yet!

 I opened the box,and a stunning bouquet greets me, not squeezed into a box, or man handled in the back of some vehicle, carefully sat inside a box exactly the right size for the bouquet.

Inside was an information card, & flower food.
the instructions are very quick & easy to follow & I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

Each flower is gorgous & has a wonderful fragrance, the arrangement is so well constructed & I can see many an overjoyed recipient receiving this gorgeous bouquet!

This was tied around the stems of the flowers, keeping moisture inside & keeping the bouquets looking it's best whilst travelling to you. 
nothing was soggy, or damp when I opened the wrapping or inside the box, which makes a change to other companies.

each flower is just as perfect as the last, no bruises or tearing, which happens a bit when they're not taken care of properly!

All bouquets lovingly created by The flower Studio which is an artisan florist, they create each bouquet by hand. & I think that's exactly the point of gorgeous flower bouquets, why pay for something that has been put together using a machine when you can have beautiful works of art like The flower studio's bouquets are.

Our bouquet is in our hallway, so as you come into our home, you can smell & see the delights it brings to all.

Head over to The Flower Studio to order your own stunning bouquet today! 

Zombiiemummy was sent A bouquet from The Flower Studio in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own. :)