Dad Review// Shavekit

As a first time Dad in 2015, no longer does the perception of a dad conjure up images of a scruffy unkempt man next to their other halves, but instead a good looking father, with well groomed facial hair (or none at all).

Today I'm really excited to show you a brilliant shave kit subscription service.

firstly you choose which Blade type your after, either a 3-blade or 5-blade, today I'm going to show you the 5-blade kit.

You then decide how often you'd like your kit to arrive & sit back & know everything's taken care of, & no more inadequate blades to worry about.

I like the non slip rubber grip, it feels slightly weighted, so it doesn't feel like it's going to slip out of my hand, unlike lower quality kits.

I love the 5-blade design, It shaves more hair, effortlessly & with precision, & I didn't need to go over an area again & again, which we all know causes redness & razor burn.

Just simply Push the button on the razor, click it into position on the blades & that's it!

Using this with your own pre-shave routine is easy, I myself use a product by Lush, I swear by it & It works beautifully, whatever your chosen product it gets the job done excellently.

As you can see, I'm a bearded man, but I like to keep it looking tidy & groomed, This hair is at least a week's worth of hair growth, & the blade had no problem cutting through the hair.

The razor after one full stroke of contact to my hair, I found it incredibly easy to clean each time, the only easiest razor I've ever owned that does so in fact.

The end result, the red mark to my face, was a spot that I caught.
I'm very pleased with the results of the Shavekit, & I'm a complete convert, I've thrown out all other razors!
My neck feel's soft, smooth & no sign of after shave redness, this photo was taken right after the shaving finished, & I must say is a welcomed change from my neck feeling, irritated & sore!, but I now no longer have to experience this!

Our friends at Shavekit have given all our UK readers a 70%  off their first purchase!
I highly recommend them, the only razor a man should use.

simply put in ZOMBIIEE at checkout to redeem. 

Zombiiemummy was sent the 5-blade shavekit in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own :)