Birmingham Think-Tank Science Museum!

Bank Holiday Monday approached, and typically on some occasions we end up doing nothing more than chores around the house & tackling my ever growing pile of  Laundry..

But Dean had a fun idea that could get us all out of the house & to bring Grandma & Grandpa along too!

Myself being originally from the South East of the UK, I never did any kid related activities or events in and around this part of the country, So I was just as excited as A to go along!

From as soon as we walked in it was a hive of activity!, lots of lights & sounds & things to explore.

with interactive parts to just have fun parts all ages really are enthralled with the museum, & they've done a brilliant job to keep the attention spans of the littlest explorers!, A being 2 it's not practical to stand and read all the information, you have to take parts of each bit & create attention grabbing stories, which may I say I did well at! haha.

A's grandparents really enjoyed going round with him & us, here I am with A playing with the indoor water play area, which we all squealed with delight over!, having children of your own, in a way helps you to submerge yourself in the wonder, just like they do.

Parts we discovered together & others A wanted to by himself, this trolley-shopping game Dean & A loved doing because he loves helping us do our food shopping at the supermarket.

And as you can see, some parts us adults loved a little too much!

The outside area, was by far A's favourite, exploring every little detail he could find!, unfortunately the bottle rocket game was broken so we couldn't show him that, but I'm sure in the near future it'll be up and running & we can excite him all over again!

The outdoor water play area A was never far away from, He loved the plastic duck racing especially with Dean & his grandparents.

luckily it wasn't full of people who had the same idea as us which I think added to the excitement for A, 
A isn't really a fan of a lot of people around him so it was nice for him to have some space to explore.

Birmingham Think-Tank is definitely one of  the few places you can come back to over & over again, no matter what age your child(ren) is (are) and find something new to do.

A was under the paying age so he was Free :)