Sea Life Adventure Park Weymouth!

Before we knew it our Easter break was over, we spent a lovely time in Weymouth, & what better way to end a fantastic weekend than to visit Sea Life!

As you walk up, you see a fantastic building, which even for myself, felt a pang of excitement!

As you walk in & look to your left this is what you see, the sheer size is magnificent!

Al & his cousins looking around thinking where to go first!

We loved watching the penguins, Al loves penguins & we all thoroughly enjoyed watching them dash around in the water, being fed & hearing the talk being given, I even got a question about Penguins correct, which we all giggled about haha!

The children loved the entrance to the Turtle Sanctuary, as you can see it's very impressive looking!

Al didn't want to leave the Turtle Sanctuary, as soon as we walked through the doors he ran up to the nearest tank saying "wow!,look Muma,look Dada!" 

The whole family together,showing the children all the fish & some sharks


The Ocean tunnel was magnificent!, we timed it rather well for another talk, as you can imagine it got a little crowded but we were still able to show Al some of the wonders of the ocean.

As you can see we have plenty of photo's of the back of Al's head, simply because he was in utter awe of his surroundings.

We didn't just see the Sea life, we also went to "Adventure Island" full of fun things to do, Al's favourite was these cars!

Al really wanted to try this cool looking water ride called "crocodile creek", but changed his mind right at the last minute, Al is only 2, we all really sung his praises, he's so adventurous & I'm sure come next year we'll be back & be running around after him!

Included in our tickets was to visit Weymouth Tower, you could get a little train there & back and see the views from the tower, unfortunately we didn't get to go to the Tower as Al fell asleep, but we plan to come back again next year & do it all again!

We all really loved our time at Sea Life Adventure Park Weymouth, with plenty to see, do, places to eat & drink what more do you need all in one place? make sure your 2015 includes a trip here!