Review// Paddy's Bathroom

Today we're excited to review some exciting new bathroom products for Children & babies 4 months +.

There is next to no choice in shops for bathroom products & full of all sorts of nasties, we're one of many many families that don't want this in our children's bath at bathtime!


Paddy's Bathroom.

A range of certified organic & natural toiletries just for our little ones!

They are full of natural & organic ingredients & are sting-free on little's ones eyes too which is great!

so how did they fair in the Al test?.. find out!

First is the "stuff for shiny hair,smells like squeezy lemons, everyday gentle cleansing" Shampoo 250ml

As soon as you open the cap, you can smell an gentle waft of Lemons

we put a blob on our hands and lathered it up very easily, & rinsed out just as easily!

We all love the packaging it comes in, Alexx managed (with help) to open the cap himself  and loves the "squishy" packaging ( as described by Al himself haha)

The packaging is not only practical, it's also very inviting, with it's bold colours, easy to read as well, Al even told us the letters on the packaging. 

And I must say I really quite like gently squishing the packaging too haha!

Second, is the "bubbly stuff, smells like tangy tangerines" Bubble bath 400ml 

And our favourite scent so far!, you can smell the tangerine scent, Al kept saying "orange! orange!" ( Al loves fruit especially oranges, so he was very excited to have this in his bath!" 

You don't need a lot of mixture in the bath , I'd say we poured in around just over a teaspoon worth of mixture into a half full bath...

The bubbles formed very quickly & Alexx liked helping me swish the water around.

The Bubbles were a source of great fun for us all, majority of bubbles stayed even with us washing Al & all of the playing, which with other bubble bath mixtures doesn't happen.

Thirdly is "Stuff for hands, smells like squeaky clean lemons" A foaming hand wash.

I love the idea of a foaming hand wash for children!, with ordinary squeezy soap it always slips right off hands, & with Al he doesn't like the feel of it..

it was easy to pump a blob of the lightly lemony smelling foam into Al's hands, & here we are trying it out before dinner time. 

Al loved lathering his hands in the foamy mixture, & then washing it out.

no mess & no fuss, = happy mummy & daddy!

Lastly is "squirty stuff smells like juicy pineapples" Foaming hair and body wash 200ml

As soon as you pull open the cap & squeeze a delightful squidge of foam comes out into your hand, It really does smell just like yummy pineapple too!

If your looking for something that does everything all in one bottle then this is for you & your little ones!.
Al loved washing himself with the foamy mixture on him, he especially liked us washing in-between his fingers, which tickled him hehe. 

inside every Paddy's Bathroom product there are: 
No Parabens
No Phthalates
No Sulphates
No GMO ingredients

which means now getting clean is just as fun as getting dirty!

But it's not just the little ones that benefit, Paddy's bathroom donates 32p from every sale to the "Drop Buy Drop" programme, which helps children in Rwanda get access to clean, safe water!

why not check out the Paddy's bathroom app?

Zombiiemummy was sent Paddy's bathroom products in exchange for an honest review.