Review// Imune Nurture

Let's be honest keeping our children healthy can be a challenge at times, they're successfully weaned, eat great!, then they turn 1..then 2 years old and all of a sudden they'll eat a handful of foods, that's exactly what happened with A, he used to eat a wide variety of foods, now not so much..

All of a sudden it becomes harder to get their 5 a day, until today!


Imune Nurture.

Delicious all natural children's drinks designed with little one's health in mind,
it's full of vitamins & minerals, with no added sugar.
This rather awesome half juice half water drink is perfect for keeping our little ones healthy, happy & full of beans! (just like we know they are!) 

A tried the first drink, the Strawberry & Cherry (pictured right on the above photo) the first day & he tried the (Orange & Pineapple) the second day (D & I also tried the drinks too)

We took The Strawberry + Cherry drink to our local Soft play center, we thought it would be the perfect drink to quench his thirst after a busy time playing, & help keep him playing happily right through,, we we right!

The taste is very nice, something I wouldn't mind drinking myself either, it tastes of strawberries with gentle flavour of cherries.

Admittedly at first I was worried the amount would be too much, as A is only 2 & a half, but actually the 200ml pouch was perfect!
A loved it so much he drank the entire drink in one go!

A said it was "delicious" & asked for more, he loved the pictures on the pouch too, telling us each of the colours he saw.

I love the spill proof spout, it means even if cheeky little ones drop it on the floor, you're not left with a horrendous mess to clean up, the only way liquid will come out is if you suck, brilliant!

The cap design is very easy to open, so there's no fiddling about with tiny caps, ( A's grandparents will be thrilled!) 

A enjoying his Imune Nurture Strawberry & Cherry.

On the Second day, we hopped into the car on route to a day out, A got thirsty on the way (as typically little ones do!)

A looking at the designs on his Orange & Pineapple Imune Nurture pouch

The taste was sweet, refreshing & you can equally taste both fruits, A liked this one a little more (but I think this is because he loves Oranges so much!) 

Again a drink that I wouldn't mind drinking either, which makes a change to children's drinks.

A drank it all in one go again, & still asked for more haha!, seeing the children pictured on the pouch, A got us all singing the wheels on the bus ( the children stand up & sit down in the song..) it was great how a healthy drink for children can also inspire other creativity like that too.

A thoroughly enjoying his drink.

We all love Imune Nurture & have purchased more for A to enjoy again!

If you'd like to try out Imune Nurture for yourselves then head to Tesco Stores or £1.99 per 4x multipack also a BOGOF promo is running from 15/4.

Zombiiemummy was sent Imune Nurture in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own. :)