New Ella's Kitchen Snacking Range!

Our lovely friends at Ella's Kitchen have sent us their new single pack snacking range to try out & boy did A love these!- find out by reading on

 Pick me melty hoops cheese + tomatoes 24g 10 months+
 Pick me melty hoops vanilla + bananas 24g 10 months+
Grab me melty puffs tomatoes + leeks 20g 7 months+
Grab me melty puffs strawberries + Banana's 20g 7 months+
Grip me baby biscuits  Apples + Ginger 108g 10 months+

First snacks A tried ( and us too!) were these melty hoops cheese + tomatoes, 
I love the container design, it means they stay fresh and wouldn't crumble like they would in a packet. 

When you unscrew the lid your greeted with a freshness Seal, not at all difficult to open, & I didn't "do a Hannah"- which means pull at the thing so hard the contents fly everywhere..just a pull at it opened it up and as you can see from the inside you get plenty!.

Here's A trying out one, & he really does like them too!, they're an ideal size for not only Weaning babies (10mnth+) but for toddlers too, A liked pretending they were rings on his fingers.

The scent was very subtle & they had a really nice flavour to them too (we tried them too, & I'd be happy to have some with my lunch, they melt in your mouth easily & an ideal carry around size to pop into your bag.

Next is the Melty hoops in Vanilla + banana's same container design as the cheese + tomatoes one.

I really do like that you get plenty in each container, & your not just buying a container of air, they pour out of the container with ease & of course the odd little fingers try to scoop some up too! haha.

A liked these, however I don't think he liked these more than the cheese + tomato ones, which was surprising to me, like the other it has a subtle scent & a flavoursome taste, they melt beautifully in the mouth, & you can't taste more of the Vanilla than the Banana, A did finish all of them on his plate though, typical fickle toddler!

Melty puffs Tomatoes + Leeks, I love the size of these, & so does A, he loves picking them up and doing "dinosaur bites" out of them

They melt in your mouth and have a wonderful scent & flavour to them, A really does like these a lot!
They're ideal to take around anywhere, which is always what you need when you have little ones, we put them in A's "Snack bag" in my bag, whenever we're out and about he asks for the snack bag & helps himself to a few.

A taking a "dinosaur bite" out of a melty puff!

melty puff Strawberries + banana's 

If there's one thing A has always loved (even carrying him!) it's fruit, any fruit at all, but especially Strawberries & banana's! 

again the shape is ideal for little ones & slightly older ones alike! (including D & I!) 
the scent is gentle, not overpowering like a lot of branded snacks are! 
it has a taste of strawberry with a hint of banana.

A taking a huge bite!, he nibbled a bit to try at first, then shoved it in his mouth, & this is the photo I managed to get haha!
What I love about these packets is that they have a handy sticker on the back of each packet to re-seal, keeping the contents nice and fresh for next time. 

Lastly are these yummy baby biscuits apples + ginger 
I was a little worried A wouldn't like these..

12 individually wrapped biscuits
I love the shape of them, rounded at the ends, they're an excellent size to hold in your hand & their own.

A taking a bite.

After this small bite he really went to town on it!.
the scent is that of a typical biscuit, it's got a nice flavour to it, not too much ginger which can sometimes make it taste bland & unpleasant, I found D & I having a cheeky one with our coffee. oops! 

I was worried for nothing,( a pleasant change!)  A loved all of the new Ella's kitchen snacking range, but once little ones are at that "fussy" stage, it can sometimes feel frustrating when they don't eat a lot or a good variety.

I feel at ease when A really enjoys the range Ella's kitchen has, the flavours of the new snacking range are really inventive & full of flavour, & have become firm family favourites.

Zombiiemummy was sent Ella's kitchen Snacking range in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own :)