Mr D Post - First Time Dad

So there I was 3:08am and holding a tiny human looking over at Hannah and filled with so much pride that she did it, she had given birth to out little A. What came to my mind is maybe what most first time dads would think.
"I'm a dad! What the hell do I do next?"

As it turns out I had a lot of worries at the start, will I be ok? Will A love me? When can I take them home? It was a weird mix of worries and excitement because I wanted to bring them both home and start our little family life but also will I be a good dad!

Lucky for me Hannah's previous job meant she was used to it all and in the coming months of A being born she was training me (que an 80's style training montage) to deal with a new born even to the point of practising with a little stuff toy on to change nappies, I was that much of a newbie I needed all the help I could get. Looking back now I had nothing to worry about at all,plus the added help of a first time dad book brought by my mother-in-law helped as well. I spent most nights sitting there reading it getting my self ready for maybe the biggest mission of my life fatherhood.

Throw our selves forward a few months and I came across a new challenge dealing with all the looks of being a hands on dad, which I didn't really notice until I took A to a mothers club because Hannah was ill. My god I couldn't believe how people could react to a dad who wants to spend time with his kid. I am the type of dad to help 100% with his up bringing after all he is our son and I want him to become the best man he can be and know his dad has done his part in it.

I get the looks and double glances because I am out and about with A but I always think to what Hannah says to me "just ignore them and think when A is older he can look back and know his dad was a part of his life and most of all fun". I am a lucky man that with my work it means I get to spend time with A and Hannah a lot and I never take that for granted.

Now A is two and a half years and there is still things A is teaching me about being a dad, I think at this age it is learning how to deal with a stress of a toddler but also the funny side of it as well. A loves his music and I love showing him all the different type out there but then there are times I could easily rip my hair out in stress! 

So there you have it my thoughts of being a first time dad as told by a first time dad! I hope you enjoy this post and be ready for more of my post's in the up coming future.