Mini Homewear Haul

It's been a little while since I went out and brought a few updated pieces for our home, two things came to mind we desperately needed to update.. find out what we brought in our local Tk Maxx

We buy a lot of our home pieces from there, we love the variety & of course the prices!

Firstly is a new kitchen bin, our old one was literally 5-6 months old, and it broke on us, an automatically opening/closing bin, the downside to our old bin was it was far too large and clunky and the design layout of our kitchen meant it was constantly in the way.

With our new one it is a little smaller & thinner, & a foot operated bin, still meaning you don't have to touch the lid to open, which is what we like, but almost immediately we noticed such a different in the space we now have! I never thought i'd love a kitchen bin..but I do haha

I decided not to make our kitchen look "tidy" for the photo, because it would be a lie. haha.

Our new kitchen bin cost us £18

Next is the two cushions, I brought these to replace some odd/random ones on our sofa, I love the print & colours & when I re decorate it'll look even better.

cushions were £9.99 each!

Lastly is a bowl by Pantone universe, a random buy it may look, but I'm actually planning for it to be our fruit bowl, traditional sized & shaped ones don't hold nearly enough fruit that we buy on a regular basis, so I brought this gorgeous monochrome bowl, I love monochrome, & I like subtly introducing it into our home.

Pantone Bowl £7.00

I love Tk Maxx because every single time I've gone inside I've never ever come out empty handed, & I honestly mean that, whether it's children's wear,or toys or home-wear, I've always found some absolute treasures!