Family Life// Carbon Monoxide

Did you know that Every year in the UK more than 200 people are in hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning? & 40 people die! It's known as the silent killer.

So what is carbon monoxide?.
carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless toxic gas, the most common symptoms are: dizziness,nausea, tiredness & confusion, shortness of breath & stomach pains.
small children & the elderly are the most at risk

In the last 3 years estimated 1 in 6 homes inspected by The gas safe register were found to have an unsafe gas appliance and a staggering 1 in 11 had an unsafe boiler.

CORGI homeplan are campaigning for every household to have their own Carbon monoxide detector to keep safe from this deadly killer.

We have one in our home, & it gives us piece of mind knowing we're keeping our little one safe.

When I was younger & living with my parents, we had an unsafe Gas appliance, little did we know we were actually experiencing all the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, until we were told. We could have known a lot sooner if my parents had just brought a carbon monoxide detector!

check out full of easy to follow advice & warning signs, the website is a great tool to help you learn more if your unsure of anything.

Carbon monoxide detectors are as important as your fire alarms, so don't take the risk!

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