Enjoying Cake at the Seaside!

We all currently away at a place called Weymouth UK, for the Easter holidays, every year we've managed to go away & do fun things, & this year was just that little bit more special.. why you ask?

CAKE of course! :)

Here's the 3 of us sitting in our rented holiday cottage, enjoying cake after a busy morning playing on the beach, paddling in the sea & having fun, It's not only a treat for Easter, but a treat because the journey in the first place was a long & warm one, Al has been from the start such a well behaved boy. I also set out some of my little tea plates brought from home, & let the boys choose!

We had Mr Kipling cherry bakewells,Viennese whirls & French fancies,

As you can see Al, loved the cakes, & here in this photo he stole mine! I didn't even realise when taking this photo haha!

The boys loved this Easter treat & I did too, we have some left over for a picnic tomorrow, we're off to a castle!

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