Catching Sunshine

The past few days have been busy for us all, but things have now calmed down a bit to update you all on what we've been up to..

I brought A a sandpit by "Plum" in the January sales, and as the weather has been getting nicer & nicer, D & I decided to build it..

We weren't 100% happy with it, the construction was easy to understand & built it with ease, but were only given a thin liner, all that was sectioning off the sand from the grass, we pulled out some spare blue plastic hard wearing sheeting, (we brought it by accident one time in Ikea) & cut it to size & stapled it on the inside of the sandpit, and put the thin liner underneath.

Overall we're really satisfied with the Sandpit, A loves it & loves building sandcastles & roads for cars.

We still need another 3 bags of sand (2 are in so far) to make it enough for him but I'm happy A is happy

We also went to a National Trust place with some friends, which we all really enjoyed! A loves swings, so my goal for next year is to have a lovely swing in our garden for A to play on whenever he likes.
Our garden is an ongoing project as it's tiered very poorly & we've so far spent £500+ just on the "ground level" area.

Also I've been excited sending letters back and forth to my friend, I love an old fashioned letter, I need to invest in some nice writing paper I think.

Tomorrow we're up early for a much awaited Hospital appointment for A, I'm bringing some bribing supplies, such as my Ipad mini & a teeny bit of Chocolate, I'm very nervous as to how it'll go but I'm confident we'll get some answers finally.