Busy doing nothing..

Today was just one of those days, it was windy,dark then sunny then rainy, so we managed to get some chores done in the awful side of the weather, then threw ourselves into the garden in between the sunny side of the weather.

A cuddling up to a freshly washed & dried duvet on the sofa.
we played "hide" from Dean.

My new steam mop covers arrived & I couldn't wait to test them out, here it is on my kitchen floor, still the same flooring since we brought the house, & I really hate it!, but it's on the "to do" list of priorities

We got out in the garden, played with bubbles, drew on the patio & A played with the spiders, he loves creepy crawlies!

Tomorrow we're off out to do something very exciting for A, not so much for us as parents though.. more about that another day though!