A sunny sort of day

Today was really really nice, we all went out and did our food shop, I had several coupons so in the end got my monthly shop for £90 which of course put a smile on my face.

We let Al choose his own easter egg, row upon row of them, big & small, Al chose the Lindt carrot shaped one, filled with small chocolates inside, we asked if he was sure, & he wanted nothing else but the one he had already chosen, I love how he knows exactly what he wants, he wasn't greedy and wanted a massive one (which he could have easily have picked!) he chose quietly & carefully & I won't forget it.

I popped into the 99p store & came out with a pack of plastic reusable carrot shaped egg containers, I think they're so cute!

I went out for coffee with a friend without our little ones, & it was so nice to chat & walk around the shops, as ourselves not as mummies, we went into quite a few shops & my friend showed me the top on the left, "Mummy is my Bestest friend, she puts the best into bestest" I love it, because with girls, you'll always be best friends, & they'll always need you, but with boys, Al will only need me for so long, & then that'll be it, so I'm taking full advantage of the "mummy your my best friend" when/if he ever says it.

I also found this Lego t-shirt, because Al loves his Lego, & we all do really!

few days to go until we go away to the seaside & I'm very excited! Al is too! he knows he's going with his cousins & relatives so he keeps asking us if it's "Marlo & Nico today?"

I'm hoping to sort out when I can visit my parents, we had to cancel plans because of Al having chicken pox, & their work schedules & Mr D's sometimes makes it such a battle to sort out anything.

we're now in month 8 of our trying to conceive journey & hoping that 8 will be our lucky number!