A late one!

This year Al & his friend Evie, were old enough to know a little about Easter, so my Friend Sophie & I decided to do an Easter egg hunt, due to various things we weren't able to do it near to Easter so we did it today instead!

We got Mr D to hide the eggs in our garden, I made some rather crappy looking baskets from card.. they were made in less than 5 minutes, so I guess you can't expect perfection.

please note in the photos our garden looks a little rough around the edges, this is because we were away for a week & so it's not looking it's best.

I brought plastic egg containers & filled them with mini choc treats..
they each had 5 eggs each & 1 peppa pig sweet thing

As if they both didn't need more chocolate eh? haha.

I love these two together, there's nothing I wouldn't do for either of them, I love little Evie like she was my own child, & I love their energy together, they compliment each other perfectly..
I often wonder when they become adults if they'll still be friends, I hope they do.