The weekend..

Our weekend consisted of many many tissues,& laying all over the sofa, & no I'm not referring to "a dirty weekend" Al & I had colds... of which really took it out of us..

We came down with it around Thursday afternoon so this is why there's a slight lacking of posts sorry!

Today I am feeling a lot better, the cold is still lingering around but I'm able to at least put some makeup on and put a comb through my hair!

Al has always been such a little trooper regarding colds, I don't think he got a cold until he was around 8 months old, & even then it didn't bother him a whole lot! something my parents say we're very lucky to have as a trait in our son. 
But he's still feeling quite grotty, nose is streaming & concerned it might go to his chest, so I'm keeping him indoors where it's warm & I know we can't spread our cold around, or make ours worse!

We even managed to move a little furniture around Als room, resulting in it appearing a little bigger, which is awesome!

Here's Al sat in his book train- a book that folds out into a train! (another completely useless buy from a while ago,but something I had to buy) 
he was feeling not to bad in this photo (from 2 days ago) 

I'm gutted I cant take him to the music group, but cant risk a chest infection.

Bring on the warmer weather!