The warm-ish March sunny day..

After a rocky start to my morning, this involving neighbours, as well as Al playing up, unusually for him..

we spent some time at the music group with our friends & then went for a coffee, I stupidly brought a cheesecake slice, with a hot chocolate... the result was I could feel my stomach ballooning increasing dress sizes & making me feel like a character from that Eddie Murphy movie...

we got back home in the afternoon, still with it being warm & sunny, so I decided to let Al loose in the garden, we both enjoyed it, & I remembered how this time last year he was so little & in need of my help 100%, now he can pull himself on his toddler slide, in his cosy coupe car & play with the spiders.. that's a game he invented today, he was talking to the spiders and generally playing with them, it was great to see how his imagination blossom.

I also had a peek in TK maxx & brought a few bits.

 Long sleeve Fox top by "Hide & Seek" in the clearance for £3

Geometric type planter, £4  again in the clearance, I brought it for Mr D's money tree plant, it's outgrown its current planter, so I thought this would give it more room!

tomorrow it's packing & last minute chores before we leave in a few days, I'm really excited for an event we've been invited to in London soon, stay tuned for more about that later :)