Review// Zoflora

Keeping your home clean & smelling fresh can be a task in itself, especially with children! but walking down the cleaning isles in the shop can be a daunting and sometimes confusing prospect, with so much to choose from.

Today we don't need to have several cleaners for this & that, why not just have one product doing everything you need it to do?

Zoflora- concentrated disinfectant.

Zoflora concentrated disinfectant,kills 99.9% of Bacteria & viruses, it eliminates odours & is a multi purpose cleaner!, you can use in the bathroom, kitchen, living & dining rooms!

Zoflora has actually been used in my family since my nan first started using it, it's been a firm family favourite ever since, with it's wonderful range of fragrances & multiple uses.

Today I want to show you two ways we use Zoflora in our home!

Our living room, is an all in one room, it's our living space & dining area too, it sees almost as much food & liquid as our kitchen does & with our toddler, & guests it sure does get put through its paces! 

With a shaggy rug, car mat & numerous pieces of furniture dirt,grime & worked in food & dried liquid sticks to almost every part of our flooring! 

Firstly I use my trusty Steam mop! as you can see it's very well used & I love it!, but it's unreliable on its own..

I pour drops of the Zoflora liquid onto my chosen flooring, I have ordinary wood laminate flooring.

This stain to my flooring was made light work of when I poured some of the mixture onto it, & I must say it only took going over twice!

apart from it killing all those nasties that lurk in the average home, (and goodness knows our children bring them in!) it also keeps the flooring smelling so fresh!, I know what your thinking "they all say that!" but hand on heart, Zoflora is the only disinfectant that does exactly what it says! the rooms we've cleaned using Zoflora really stay fresh smelling for hours & hours! 
The fragrance is not too strong & It really gives you peace of mind knowing that straight after you've cleaned, sure enough your little ones come along and play on the very surface you've just cleaned, but your not worried, because you know it's safe.

Rugs, they soon get a little whiffy!,dirty & just one of those pieces you cant just throw in the washing machine..

keeping our rug fresh is no problem! before we even go near it with the Zoflora, firstly we:
  1. Shake it
  2. hoover 

I pour 1 capful of the mixture to a hot bowl of water, & stir..

we then use a cloth and go to work, it really takes little effort & soon enough it was smelling lovely & fresh, & best of all clean too!

Other ways we use Zoflora in our home:
  • Kitchen Bin
  • wheely bins (dustbins/trashcans)
  • soaking our dishcloths (bacteria thrive on them!)
  • kitchen worktops 
  • toilets
  • sinks & drains

With so many fragrances of Zoflora to choose from, the only difficult decision will be which one to try first!, it's value for money,safe for your family (including any pets you have too!)

For even more tips on using Zoflora visit 

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