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Let's face it as parents we are on our feet from morning to night, we don't give ourselves the time of day, but I want to show you two products I absolutely love & takes very little time to do!, and will leave your feet ready for whatever comes it's way!

Superdrug intensive Foot cream

This Foot cream moisturises & conditions your feet from the moment you put it on your feet!
It comes out of the tube well & not all in one go, so your not getting a golf ball sized in your hand, when you don't need it.

I love the smell of the cream too, a subtle floral fragrance with no chemically after smells,
the cream itself comes out thin, but once it's on the foot it actually feels a lot thicker & goes a surprisingly long way, a little is definitely more with this cream!.
Using the cream didn't leave my feet oily afterwards,it was gentle on my skin & left them feeling very moisturised but not sticky either! perfect for using when you haven't got time to wait around.

Superdrug Exfoliating Foot Scrub.

This exfoliating foot scrub with jojoba seed oil & aloe vera smoothes & softens your feet, leaving them wonderfully soft.
I've used exfoliating foot scrubs in the past, in fact I use them every year to take care of my feet during the summer months.
I wish I'd come across this one by Superdrug sooner! 
Firstly it has a very subtle floral fragrance,with a small exfoliant within the cream, I know what your going to say, that it wont help, but this exfoliant may be small but it is mighty!, with this cream you can (personally) use as much or as little as you feel you may need, I use around a pea sized amount each time I used it, & it really got all around my feet, unlike the scrubs with large exfoliants which only seem to clump together and be of very little use.

 The ratio of Cream:exfoliant is spot on in my opinion, it's got enough of each to exfoliate your feet, and the cream enough to help with leaving your feet lovely and soft.

Removing the product off your feet is very easy, with no large bits to worry about you rinse away all product, the added bonus is there's no oily residue & your left with just great feeling,soft feet.

Definitely must have staples for your bathroom cabinet at home.
& work great when used together!

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