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Shopping bags, the absolute bane of my life, they're floppy, flimsy and unreliable, the reusable kind and plastic kind as well!
If your fed up with these bags like I am then read on!.

I want to show you the solution and without doubt the best alternative to this flimsy nuisance!

and it's not another bag!


A lightweight,strong stackable box, comes in variety of designs, tested to carry 20kg. it fits into your supermarket trolley, your car and so much more!

It's design is simple, & effective, meaning you can open it out in seconds! & each one is made from 100% recycled material.

How to use

A cleverly designed box has a handle that when in its normal state, is so easy to transport around, we kept it by our front door, & every time we prepared to go out, we never ever forgot it!, unlike the bags we had in the past.

 It features sturdy poppers to close shut, that are easy to use, you simply pull the handles towards the ceiling and..

it now looks like this, impressive right?

the two sides have "sliders" that you slide into that space in the middle, that reinforces the box and voilĂ ! a very sturdy box!

not complicated either right? and not time consuming either! especially when you have little ones and not the patience for the floppy bags.

I love it's also wipe cleanable, this means that no matter what the use for it it'll stay looking as nice as the day you brought it!

As you can see it fits in a supermarket trolley with absolute ease, the stackable function means you can safely stack these together and safely lift them out again with the handles provided, which didn't cut into my hands.

It fits into the boot of your car very easily, and there's no sliding around, ( I was spotted taking this photo by a lady who gave me such an odd look for photographing my shopping in the boot of our car haha!)

But I didn't just use it in the supermarket, I took it to Ikea with me! (yes I really did!) & it was an absolute blessing, especially with a non cooperative toddler in tow!

The fun doesn't stop just at supermarket trips and around Ikea, we also used it to sort through Al's toys, it gives you a much better view into it, & didn't make me feel like I had to wade through the contents, I love that the box has this open feel to it.

Overall thoughts

We felt the ease of use really appeals to everyone, the tidy design means it wont clutter a cupboard or your boot-unlike bags, its variety of eye catching designs & It's strong, lightweight function means it doesn't overwhelm someone once contents are placed inside.

We are going to place MyBuddy-Box as our new grocery shopping go to container. & highly recommend trying out MyBuddy-Box for yourselves!

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