Our day

We're lucky enough to have Mr D around a lot, his job means he spends time working, & also time with us, & I've always treated time when Mr D is away as a "special day" when we do lots of fun things and sometimes be a little lazy, as a way of Al being used to the erratic work patterns & also not finding it traumatic when dada isn't around.

As I'm still battling this severe conjunctivitis, I've kept myself in the house or our garden, I'm not the type of person to carry on going out and about, I'd hate to spread it to other people, even if a lot of people don't think the same as me..

We spent some time in the garden, playing on the slide, & running around, & kicking a ball around, a lot of our garden needs a lot and I mean A LOT of work, but end of last year we managed to get some path done, & cleared the side of our house, ready for a shed, I feel happier knowing he can play outside for a while, but I'm looking forward to getting our garden more how we've pictured it looking since we moved in over 2 years ago now.. our garden is 70ft long, that goes upwards,so you can imagine how much money we're having to put into it, a new path is literally the tip of the iceberg!

As we have no pets, and don't plan to either, we treat the wildlife in our garden like they're our own pets, we have numerous bird feeders,a bird house & one day I plan to have someone install a bee hive in our garden,(that'll be cared for by others,not us) our particular favourites are 2 robins, one a female the other a male (we think) I have a particular love for them, because at a worrying time in my pregnancy with Al, I was banned from doing anything, so I was confined to my sofa, we hadn't internet for a while so the only entertainment I really had was watching out our window, the robins always kept me company, they keep away a lot of other birds, & I'm sure they're the reason our spider problem has gone! & in turn we keep them safe by shooing the local cats away & keeping their food in plenty supply.

I talk to them every day they're little sweet little friends almost. haha, Al enjoys watching them & now tells anyone near to "shh!,quiet!" it's so nice he gets to see so much wildlife around him.

We want to take him to Monkey Forest when it's warmer weather, he like me loves his animals, so it should be a lot of fun!