National Trust// A lovely day

Today my eyes were feeling a lot better, so I braved wearing lenses again, I have my check up tomorrow so hopefully my eyes will be 100% now.

We decided not to waste a day & picked a national trust place & set off..

It was a lovely walk, the weather wasn't exactly amazing but it didn't rain so for us it was perfect..
it was one of the few times Mr D and I could hold hands and relax knowing Al was safe walking in front of us.
lucky for us there was barely anyone around, it was so peaceful.

The photo above is of Al, walking through these daffodils, he never trod on one of those, but instead carefully inched his way around them, I've never known a 2 year old to be that way around flowers, we were so amazed! 

Al has never been a speedy child, nor has he ever been massively into parks, he loves the swings but never really wants to bother with anything else, which we've always explained to him we don't mind about, as long as he's happy,we're happy. 
Today however he decided to explore! went on this high climbing area (only with Dada's help of course!) & slid down the slide all by himself, over 3 times!

The weather started getting colder & darker, so we decided to head back home.

I love having National Trust membership, It's such a lovely time out, and in the summer an amazing way to picnic too!