Mummy Treat// My Little Box

Majority of the time I feel subscription boxes are an expensive box of crap, whether they're aimed for video gamers (which I am also), food lovers or beauty lovers, I've had a subscription box in the past but didn't like it..

But I discovered My Little Box, a monthly subscription box, sent to you in the post, & I want to show you my first ever box!

Themed each month, which in my opinion makes it even more exciting!
this month was superbox! themed around being a super duper woman!, & boy are they right! ;)

The box isn't quite letterbox sized, which is a disadvantage for a few, but for me it's not a bother.

As you open the box, this is what I see..

some stickers,a magazine, inside full of tips & articles,a t-shirt & a drawstring bag with contents inside..

inside the drawstring bag is all of this:
Caudalie Hand & nail cream, My little beauty lips & cheek pencil,Lait cristal by Keratase (for your hair) and various info on all products & some very nice discount codes too!

Everything inside my box.. I dislike all slogan t-shirts, & words written on t-shirts in general, but I'll be wearing this t-shirt to lounge around the house, or to sleep in & it is comfy & fits well.

This being my first box, I'm very impressed! I like all the items & regularly use all products inside, I love the magazine, & unlike many others I actually read this one! I also adore the box, it's strong & now currently holds other things.

I'm really excited for my next box & for only £11 + shipping It's not biting my bank account either!

unfortunately this service is only for the UK & France, but I know of an alternative for those of you in the US I think it's called "my paris box" or something like that.

If you'd like to know more about My Little Box then click here