Keeping up positivity// DIY project

I'm naturally a pessimistic person, I prefer "realist" but hey I'm not nit picking here..

 I felt we needed a little more positivity around us when times were feeling low for whatever reason, I felt that at the end of each year, it would be nice to have a little record, or tally if you like of all the good things we all did or achieved in that year..

So I pulled out a jar I was saving to make homemade jam with (yes really!) & we wrote down the month & our note on a little piece of paper, rolled it up and popped it into the jar, all the things that are positive, anything that made us smile,or happy or amazing happened, & at the end of the year, my husband and I will open it up, with a beverage of our choosing and read all of its contents :)

I think it'll be a great way to forget about any negativity and focus on that jar filled with happiness!

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