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Mr D & I watched Al play with our nieces dolls house every weekend, he loved the dolls, the little rooms and the exterior of the house too.

We talked a lot about finding him one, & finally decided to look around, we were crowded with suggestions, a lot like going to a market..but on the internet, we eventually found one we all loved! & decided to surprise Al!

*The freebies were included as I purchased this via a stockist of Rock & Pebble

The instructions were easy to follow (according to Mr D as he wouldn't let me put it together..)

the pieces felt well made & slotted together very well

As you can see Mr D had it all well covered!

finished! the size is absolutely perfect & feels smooth to the touch, it looks very inviting no matter where it's stood, we keep it on Al's little table when he's not playing with it, it's a key room piece in its own right.

Here's Al loving his new Ele Villa!

If you'd like to check out Rock & Pebble for yourself then head over to for their full range