Independent business// TellKiddo

My new years resolution wasn't anything like " lose weight" or even "be more positive" (which I really should try being!) It was & is "buy more from independent businesses"- If we brought more from handmade businesses, we will actually be contributing more to the economy, & helping my inspirational juices ever flow .(that sounded better in my head honest!!) is...


Brainchild of creator/illustrator Maria her creations are truly inspirational, fun & exciting!

I love this print, you fill in all the necessary parts all about your little one, I love this idea & the process of me writing in his full name, noting all the important details, I purchased in size 5x7, I wanted it to slot in between all Al's existing prints but the choice is yours of course.

Al loves animals, I think almost as much as I do & these friendly faces are a friendly welcome into Al's room.

Awesome prints & posters aren't all that TellKiddo indulges you to, featuring:
  • Paper bags
  • fabric bags
  • Limited Edition
  • Custom made

If you'd like to check out TellKiddo for yourself (and why on earth wouldn't you?!) you can visit them here