Going stir crazy

Having to stay inside after a while is really starting to turn me a little loopy... I tried to get Al to play in the garden but he was having none of it..

so we made the best of it inside instead, we made picnics with play food, Mr D helped Al build tracks for his Toot toot Drivers set, & I started preparing pattern pieces for a pair of shorts for Al this summer, they will be my practice pair, before I go out and buy more fabric.

Meal Ideas were particularly hard today, so instead we made our own pizzas from scratch, they tasted really good! & Mr D insists we make them a more regular thing.

I've also started an Age 2 letter to Al, This is not new to me, I've been writing these letters to him since he was a month old, something I wanted to do, & wanted to note those amazing little moments, you often forget over time, I never wanted to, so instead immortalised them on paper, so when Al is an adult he can read them & hopefully appreciate them as much as I do & did writing them.