Yesterday Al came down with conjunctivitis, & then I came down with it too, weirdly only in one eye for myself, and both for Al, apparently this bacterial version is going around? this unfortunately had ruined plans, but Al comes first before any other plans, it's just frustrating.. but I had an exciting email today which perked me up a little.
Al has some eye drops, traumatic experience for us all, but they already seem to be helping.

Its also frustrating because we've all not long just got over colds, & this left me with a determination to continue on my fitness (I stopped during my cold) and now I'm back feeling rubbish again, I feel just as yucky appearance wise.. but I'll get there!

As my eyesight is slightly lacking, sore & itchy this wont be a long post, but I wanted to post because yesterday I didn't..

My house is slowly filling with lots of laundry (I'm washing Al's bedding everyday, in the hopes it wont spread this conjunctivitis more, or make it worse for him..) I'm looking forward to summer when it can all go outside!

Next month Al will be in a bed and no longer in a cot... it's making me feel slightly unsettled at the thought.. but it needs to be done, we can no longer lift him in and out & he's ready for a bed.

currently no sewing projects, I'm on the search for a decent sewing pattern for Al's summer clothes, my sister in law makes these gorgeous clothes for my niece, & these awesome shirts & I want to create something for Al this year, so I can finally achieve what I said I would years ago.