Baking//My toddler & I make Peppa Pig Cakes

As you know I love baking, & now Al is at an age where we're introducing him to baking & preparing food & where food comes from, we feel its important, if we're going to come out the other side of the fussy eating stage, with him still interested in fruit & veg.

but every now & then you have to get back to basics with them & just bake a good old cake.

and what better than one of his favourite shows

peppa pig!

with no artificial colours, & ingredients that actually look real & not plastic looking or smelling we gave it a go.

we got Al to pour in the egg & water into the bowl, & we let him turn on the mixer (I was going to let him stir it himself but he wanted to use the mixer instead!) 

we gave him the cake cases & he put them on the tray one by one.

when it was time to spoon the mixture in, he tried it once, but didn't want to after that, so we finished it for him.

Decorating time soon came, & Al was in his absolute element! 

He was so careful & loved choosing the "special stickers" and sticking them on top.

The finished batch, Al loved this activity & I plan to think up more ways of letting him help me in the kitchen, the other day he helped me make home-made pasta sauce & tried a tomato & then yesterday he tried a carrot, I'm so pleased he's giving things a go, but mealtimes are still very difficult.. so small triumphs I guess.