5 things I didn't know would change becoming a mum

5 Things I didn't know would change becoming a mum.

  1. The "friday" feeling- I don't regret being a parent (far far from it!!) but I really miss the full working week then the friday feeling of no work just doing what I want for the whole weekend, this consisted of weekends away with Mr D & junk food & movies & hand holding
  2. The clothing change- since becoming a parent, my clothing style & taste has slightly adapted, something I really didn't think would ever change..
  3. Language- I wouldn't class myself as a potty mouth but in my music taste there's a considerable amount! I find myself skipping songs on my ipod in the house because of "the language" Al now copying almost everything we say the last thing I want him to come out with is an expletive or something of that nature!, I find myself more & more censoring what content my child listens to (& watches!)
  4.  A couple- I guess this one I was naive about, but our relationship has definitely changed, & you can't not expect it to either, after-all he's seen a human being come out of my body (sorry!) we've been through terrible norovirus together & everything in between, & all those previous things? ..yeah you can't unsee them either!
  5. Friends- some friends or people you considered friends for whatever reason distance themselves or your opinion on them changes, I'm very lucky I still have my wonderful bestie, but as far as other friends go, I have no other "non parent" friends I see regularly & have anymore, but your so busy with your bundle(s) of joy you don't really notice a whole lot, & who can blame you?.