Upsetting the blogger

I felt this post was a needed one for me to do, since my experience at Playtime Paris, this particular experience was unfortunate & frustrating for me as a dedicated blogger, balancing my family life & blogging life.

Do not get me wrong I really enjoyed my time at playtime & it has not put me off anymore in the future..

But this experience has left me feeling a tiny bit frustrated..

 I introduced myself to this brand, & the representatives that were with this brand, I explained I was a blogger & really liked the look of their new line of clothing & If I had permission to take a few snaps to pop onto the blog, they were hesitant, so I explained they did not have to agree & I was simply admiring & felt you all would (the readers) they agreed, & I took a few pictures.. I felt eyes on me the whole time & them all stood in dead pan silence watching me & did not smile at me once, considering I was offering free advertising, this personally left me feeling annoyed because I was treated this way & as a result I will be deleting the photos, I'm not going to name this brand publicly because I don't want this blog to be focussed on negativity, I felt I needed to share this as part of the process of me moving on.

I'm sure I'm not the first blogger to be treated in some way bad & I'm sure I wont be the last.

but perhaps brands should consider treating bloggers a little carefully, I was always taught that in life not many things are free, but manners are.