Tutorial// Upcycling an old childrens t-shirt

Al has had some adorable clothes, but this particular t-shirt, we all love because of its awesome design, I thought to myself, It would be a shame to pack it away or donate it because of how much we love it, so I decided to turn it into something else!

This is the simple tutorial on how I created it!

You will need:

T-shirt of your choice
sewing machine
toy stuffing

1. Turn the t-shirt inside out, pin the design, & I mean pin the heck out of it! especially with t-shirt fabric! 

2. once you've pinned the design, mark around the design leaving a few inches.

3. remember to leave a gap to fill (that comes in a bit!)

4. Start sewing! (don't forget to remove pins as you go!)

5. It should eventually look a little like this. 

6. turn it the correct way, you should also have your gap, now fill with your stuffing!

Finish with an invisible stitch & your done! :)