Homewear Review// Barfoot + Duggan

As you know we all as a family love small/medium/large British companies, built from just a few ideas into something that becomes a household name, in this country we tend to import a lot from overseas, but don't tend to look closer to home a lot.. we want to change this!


Barfoot + Duggan 

A made in England collection of awesome eccentric & playful designs for the home.
I personally came across them whilst ever scrolling through my instagram account. & I'm very glad I did! 

I managed to get myself..or rather Al a bedding set for his bedroom, We are transitioning him from a cot into a bed in March this year so we are collecting wonderful bedding sets for his room, to hopefully ease him into this big change better.

From Tote bags to Cushions, Bedding sets, & simply astounding hanging mobiles!- David Bowie hanging mobile anyone?! (Mr D wants one!) 

This is the bedding set we brought.. and to be honest I now have a Barfoot + Duggan obsession now so I probably wont stop any time soon haha!

Firstly I love the character design, & the simplicity of it, it's not too loud & not boring, perfect for little ones bedtime! 

We brought Al a new pillow & Duvet to go with his (eventually) new bed, I brought the "MYSKGRAS" Single duvet (ikea) & it fits extremely well! (I was a little worried getting one that'd fit but found out I had nothing to worry about!)  

As you can plainly see there's a lot of extra, but this isn't a problem, Toddlers move around a lot in bed & lets face it, they all grow so fast, your new Barfoot + Duggan bedding will get plenty of use!

There are no complicated washing instructions either which is great in my opinion, as I ever find myself glued to my washing machine doing piles of laundry!

If you'd like to check them out for yourself head over to Barfoot + Duggan