The past few days this week with Al have been lovely, I'm trying a new detox of technology in our daily lives, not always easy as a parent blogger, but I like to think I'm doing ok at it, this week anyway!

Monday We played Lego together, I loved building things alongside him & suggesting things, I think all the NVQ's and 5 years of childcare experience has taught me most of what I know about Toddlers, babies I was totally useless at, but like to think I'm a bit of a novice now, only regarding my own of course, the idea of giving others advice..wanted or not about their child terrifies me & the inevitable "mind your own business" does also.

Tuesday we met with friends and went to a music group, It feels more aimed at younger children but all ages really enjoyed it, Al didn't the first time we went, in fact he shot me a look as if to say "why are they singing and doing all this?" but second time around he actually joined in a few times, to my delight & amazement!
I'm looking forward to continuing going & hopefully will help Al's socialisation even more, (not that it needs improving)

(I haven't got any shots of this as there was too many children around)

Today we made cookies together & thoroughly enjoyed a tired Al mini breakdown around town,  (sarcasm) some silly old lady shot me a look so I shot her a look back, & then walking into Tesco's a lady stared at me, so I continued to stare back, these sorts of things happen weekly, but not daily (thankfully) I don't understand peoples mindset though when they just stare at parents of young children, sometimes I think they forget they once upon a time had young ones too, & we're all doing the best we can, (Al Is 2 so people need to give him a break!)

We made slides for the lego people & a house (which he broke over & over again haha) 

Al helping me stir...getting a lot of it on the floor & work surface, but he loved helping me pat them flat onto the baking tin, considering he doesn't really enjoy touching gooey things he did very well!

Tomorrow we're starting our packing to go away for a few days, I'm excited & especially as Al has his very own passport too!