Sorting day..

Today was Friday 13th, for me it is a lucky day, or perhaps that's the eager optimist in me

we did a lot of sorting out, cleaning and preparing for our trip today, Our bedroom is by far the most neglected, this year I'm going to fix that! It's going to have a new paint job, a furniture sort out & general clear up.

We borrowed a massive case so we can put Al's, mine & Mr D's clothes inside altogether, It'll also need to store my laptop, nappies, wash bags etc.. so it has to be big! we're going on the Eurostar so we really don't want too much stuff around us & have a toddler as well.

I also had to wash all of Al's teddies that he sleeps with, I was worried he wouldn't sleep without them, but he actually didn't mind! I think it was probably because I explained that they all needed a special wash so they smelt nice for him tonight.

I think Al was very happy to be reunited with them all ( he has a total of 4 ) It's really lovely how he cares for each of them & named each of them himself. Al keeps them in his bed all day & only wants them when he's really poorly or for bed, we're very lucky really, I've read so many stories of missing teddies when little ones have taken them around with them. 

Do your little one(s) have a special bear? or maybe like Our little one has a few special bears?